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Our Values and Principles


The basic values and  principles adopted by the association are  specified below:

Struggle for Human Dignity

The purpose of Dünya Doktorları Derneği is to protect the human health against the risk factors causing diseases and ensure respect for the human dignity. In all its activities the association supports the mutual understanding, fraternity, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace among people. The association is engaged in efforts directed at preventing and relieving human sufferings within the limits of its national and international capacity, wherever it is active.


The association makes no discrimination in terms of national identity, race, religious belief, class or political thought in providing service. It is focused on relieving human sufferings by taking the most effective measures within the limits of its capacity by giving priority to the most urgent and basic needs.


Dünya Doktorları Derneği is an independent non-governmental organization. Dünya Doktorları Derneği, as a supporting agent for the public authorities in their humanitarian activities, is subject  to the international agreements put into effect duely by the state of Republic of Turkey and to the laws of Republic of Turkey and, within this framework, has the autonomy to conclude international contracts related to its field of activity and comply with those  contracts.

The Association As A Charity Organization

The association is a voluntary charity organization which pursues no personal or corporate interests in providing its services.

Scientific Dimension

Dünya Doktorları Derneği has adopted the principle of research, analysis, and intervention based on proof in its activities directed at reinforcing and changing definite forms of behavior during the therapy and treatment phases.

Global Dimension

The association which has an equal status with the national associations of other countries and shares equal roles and responsibilities with them in mutual solidarity has adopted the principle of creating a global organization capable of struggling at the global level, considering the issues from a global scale as part of such an organization, working at the global scale, fulfill its functions at the global standards and becoming effective and prestigious.

Sense of Community

The association deems it as a requirement of ensuring lasting achievements to become organized within the society in order to create an awareness in all social segments and in all living areas from the bottom to the top and from the individual level up to the public institutions and conduct participatory activities at the social level.