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Psychological Support to All Humanitarian Aid Workers in Turkey

UOSSM is providing mental health and psychological support services for Syrian refugees with the support of Doctors of the World Turkey (Dünya Doktorları Derneği) and has started a new project in cooperation with WHO to provide psychological support to humanitarian aid workers. UOSSM is conducting phone-consultation with all Arabic-speaking staff working in the humanitarian sector and based in Turkey. This initiative helps them dealing with work, context, family and surrounding-related stressors.


Safaa Success story:

Safaa is 22 years old, female, working as a translator. She came to the center because of the deterioration in her psychological situation which resulted due to stress at work (working in the examination period) in addition to problems arouse in personal life.

She mentioned that she was suffering from disturbing thoughts for three months. She also mentioned she is suffering from sleep disorder, food disorder and desire to vomit, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat.  At the first stages of treatment, she had face some difficulties to adaptation.   After a while she recognized improvement in herself and encouraged to be more committed to apply behavioral exercises.
After a while she was able to ignore the obsessive thoughts and said that her sleep was improving, her appetite for food returned to normal level and her social communication was good. At the end of the treatment, she said that everything was fine and her problems with her family had ended and their relationship become good.  The treatment sessions were terminated while continuing to follow up the medication treatment, Safaa is now back to her life. Many people’s lives are changing through the assistance provided by Doctors of the World Turkey (Dünya Doktorları Derneği) with the support of the European Union.



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