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Expected Starting date: ASAP Status: (Fixed-term)


  1. Dünya Doktorları Derneği

Dünya Doktorları Derneği (DDD) is a humanitarian, impartial and independent non-governmental organisation based in Turkey, facilitating access to health care to populations affected by armed conflicts, internal violence, natural disasters, disease, famine, poverty or exclusion. It seeks to stimulate and enlist voluntary commitment from medical and health care providers, and those with expertise in other fields.

Dünya Doktorları Derneği (DDD) in Turkey, in collaboration with different partners, is running projects aiming at facilitating access and orienting beneficiaries to primary and secondary level of health care services, providing Mental Health & Psychosocial Support and Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation services to the refugees and migrants in Turkey.

Dünya Doktorları Derneği (DDD) is part of Doctors of the World international network. Please visit www.dunyadoktorlari.org.tr to learn more.


  1. Mission

Since the beginning of the Syrian and Iraqi crises, a massive influx of external population movements have taken place through the Turkish border into inside Turkey. Over 3 million refugees, migrants & asylum seekers are currently hosted in Turkey which led to an increasing demand for health services and put a serious burden on the system. A need arose for permanent health facilities to provide services; and hence improve access to the services to a large number of refugees and migrants.

In this context, Dünya Doktorları Derneği’s intervention aims at assisting the local public health system in providing and improving access to health and health related services to vulnerable populations among refugees and migrants in Turkey, specifically in Hatay, Izmir, Gaziantep and Istanbul provinces.

In Afrin, DDD is preparing an intervention to assist population in need by providing health services.


  1. Hierarchical & Functional links

Based in Antakya Office , the Program Medical Manager (PMM) is directly responsible to Field Coordinator and he/she will be supported technically by the Medical Coordinator.


  1. Essential Duties
  • Medical Project Management
  • Team Management
  • External Communications/representation to health cluster and partners.
  • Reporting
  • Other related tasks


  1. Responsibilities

5.1 Medical Project Management

  • Program Medical Manager shall consistently monitor the healthcare situation, together with medical manager and partners’ medical focal person.
  • Perform health need assessments, as requested, and contribute to the development/review/upgrade of the medical activities according to the needs.
  • Collect data, indicators, surveys and assessments according to the mission’s needs, as requested by the MedCo, provide inputs and contribute to the epidemiological analysis.
  • Together with the field coordinator, develop and supervise the medical lines of the project Budget; he/she will report any changes, under expenditure and over expenditure through the Budget Follow up monthly.
  • Responsible to ensure that medical/clinical services are implemented in good quality; and according to the Association’s protocols.
  • Together with the partners’ medical referents and pharmacist; closely follow and monitor the needs and the cooperation of the partners and identify relevance/gap of support provided by the Association.
  • Propose any revision or update of medical protocols, service provision.
  • Conduct field visits to project sites for direct implementation and partners according to the need and whenever requested by the coordination team.
  • Provide continuous input to Coordination team to ensure that the different components of the program are consistent and in line with the health needs of the population.
  • Contribute to the project proposals development in terms of needs, etc.

5.2 Team Management

  • Manage and supervise the medical team. Delegate tasks when needed.
  • Support the directly managed medical team in the management of the project activities/pharmacy/partners and the staff management.
  • Evaluate the competency of the directly managed staff; build their capacity accordingly with the support and guidance of the field and medical coordination team.
  • Organize the team annual leaves and plan for replacements.
  • Identify the training needs of the medical and paramedical team, conduct trainings, follow up and evaluations.
  • Jointly with the medical manager/referent; train the medical staff directly in the field or remotely based on the security context.
  • Implement staff meetings and report to field/medical coordination.
  • Participate in the recruitment process of the team.
  • Report any HR issues to the line manager and resolve team conflicts by actively involving HR department.

      5.3 External Communications

  • Maintain regular contacts with UN agencies and other medical NGOs and organizations, through meetings, training, workshops, etc.
  • Collect data, indicators, surveys and assessments according to the Project’s needs; and provide input and contribute to analysis.
  • Attend meetings related to health, representing DDD, and provide appropriate feed-back (minutes).
  • Attend Technical team meetings and coordination team meetings.

      5.4 Reporting

  • Instant information sharing with the line and technical manager on any context updates.
  • Receive morbidity data of direct implemented services on weekly basis; review; analyse and submit to medical coordination team.
  • Receive monthly reports from medical referents and pharmacists.
  • Provide a monthly report to the field/Medical coordination, detailing activities done, supervision, training given, assessments undertaken etc.;
  • Submit minutes of the staff meetings done with the teams.
  • Report field visit feedbacks to the coordination team.
  • Report any security related issues to the Field Coordinator.

5.5 Other Duties

  • Participation in assessments/service mapping, where and when necessary.
  • Keep the team informed on any issues related to logistics needs for the medical teams in the field.
  • Support operational organisation of field trips; and DDD and partners programs/activities.
  • Translate verbally and by written when necessary.
  • Participate to internal meetings.
  • Any other related DDD tasks as assigned by supervisor/line manager.


NB: considering the purpose and values of the organisation, DDD requests to its employee complete flexibility in term of duties and commitment, as their job description can be adjusted throughout the year according to needs and priorities.


  1. Expected profile

Education & Qualification

  • Medical Doctor
  • Experience of more than two years in Humanitarian Project Management.
  • Remote management experience is as asset.


Skills and qualities required

  • Familiar with international NGO culture or multicultural environment;
  • Proactive, adaptable and capacity to take initiatives;
  • Good Computer skills;
  • Ability to work independently, take the initiative and take responsibility
  • Resilience to stress;
  • Diplomacy and open-mindedness;
  • Good analytical skills;
  • Organisation and ability to manage priorities;
  • Proactive approach to identifying solutions;
  • Professionalism



  • Required: Fluency in English&Arabic.
  • Desirable: Turkish would be an asset.


  1. How to apply:


Due to the urgency to fill this post, DDD reserves the right to review the CVs on a rolling basis and selected candidates may be interviewed prior to the closing dates listed.

DDD is not in a position to respond to every applicant individually due to the anticipated high number of applications.

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the first interview.


General Information

DDD retains the discretion to re-advertise the vacancy, to cancel the recruitment, to offer a contract with a modified job description or for a different duration, or to offer a contract at a lower grade.

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